Answering the Door 2

Article by Helen Longest-Saccone, Editor-in-Chief

Photography by Marty Saccone, Editor

“And whatever you ask in prayer,

you will receive, if you have faith.”

Matthew 21:22

Answering the door in 2013 to Christ’s knock and praying with faith for His mercy and forgiveness has given me hope and the opportunity to experience a new level of love, joy, and light. Staying on the path in this journey can be challenging even though the destination is rewarding beyond my human ability to grasp all that heaven promises. There are many guides pointing the way; however, there are also stumbling blocks and temptations that can hinder my journey.


Early morning side-lighted wave crashing along the Coastal Trail, Quoddy Head State Park, Lubec, Maine, by Marty Saccone. Nikon D7100, Nikkor 18-70mm F4 lens, focal length 55mm, f/32 at 1/6 second, center-weighted metering mode, manual exposure mode, ISO equivalent 100, tripod.


It is clear now that when fear or negative emotions creep in that this is the opposite of what God wants. His desire for each of us is that we are shining lights filled with inner peace. To reach this goal I must cultivate my faith by spending time with Him. Nourishing my belief is time well spent.

Two Christians I enjoy listening to as well as reading their writings are Rev. Billy Graham and Mother Dolores Hart. There are numerous YouTube videos of Billy Graham preaching. Additionally, he has authored many books and his web site——has much information. One of Rev. Graham’s books that I read daily is Hope for Each Day: Morning & Evening Devotions. In the February 9 devotional Rev. Graham wrote about the heart. His statements are especially inspirational—his thoughts speak to me.

A Google search for Mother Dolores Hart yields inspiring material and she recently published a book. She talks about her deep love for God and Christ. You can find a 2013 interview with her at

Additionally there are so many books and videos by various authors about how to live a loving, joyful, and balanced life. I read an eclectic range of material.

Are all moments perfect? No? Life has ups and downs, but with the Holy Spirit life goes much more smoothly. My friend, Patti Sansing, recently told me that she feels that the most important prayer we can pray is to ask God for wisdom and strength to face all of life—the wonderful and the tragic. I’ve read that many prayers go unanswered because either they are not prayed or they are prayed with a lack of faith.

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