Nature Photographer Magazine

Nature Photographer is a “how–to” magazine, published in print form three times a year covering all four seasons—Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter combo. There is also a PDF format of each issue which can be purchased on this website.

The magazine is intended for nature photographers and nature enthusiasts who range from beginners to professionals. We will help you channel your intense interest in nature photography and sojourns into nature into more successful trips into the natural world, whether they be for the day, weekend, holidays or vacations. This is the magazine for those of you who are interested in exploring and photographing nature in all its glory—in far-off destinations, in local parks, and in your own backyard.

Nature photography and nature adventures are all about getting out there and being a part of our natural world. When in nature working on our photography, it is helpful to entirely immerse ourselves in what we are doing. To do that, we need to regularly practice the techniques needed to consistently produce quality images. Also, it is always good to research the locations that appeal to you. We at Nature Photographer hope to help you along that route with the magazine. We strive to showcase our Creator’s earth in the most beautiful light and to encourage everyone to be kind to nature and to all life, including yourself. 

The magazine journeys include

How to photograph—from close-ups to wildlife to grand landscapes and seascapes to abstract interpretation of nature..

How to use specialized equipment.

Detailed natural history information.

Field techniques.

Additionally, all subscribers (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Field Contributors) are invited to participate in the Special Edition sections of the magazine. If you would like information about the Special Edition section, please send us an email at or call us at 207-733-4201.

Thank you very much,
Helen Longest Saccone and Marty Saccone

"I wanted to say that one of the most outstanding features of your magazine, aside from the stunning photography, is the personal element in many of the articles.  I appreciate the freedom to express that you grant to your various writers.  Your magazine reveals the heart and how nature moves people, as it should.  It is truly a joy to read."

Eileen Gregory Selby