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Spring 2014
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Spring 2014

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Cover: Toleak Point, Olympic National Park, Washington, by Randall J. Hodges, Field Contributor. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon L Series 24-105mm lens, focal length 24mm, Lee 2-stop hard split neutral density filter to balance light between sky and ground, f/20 at 2 seconds, auto exposure mode, ISO equivalent 100, Slik Pro 330 DX tripod.

Living in Washington state there are many choices for spring hiking. If you are a hardy experienced hiker and looking for a beautiful beach to visit, then Toleak Point may be the hike for you. Toleak Point is accessed from the Third Beach trailhead, on Highway 110, and is approximately 11 miles west of Forks, Washington. This spectacular wilderness beach in Olympic National Park is a hike that I find challenging, rewarding and exhilarating. A tide chart and knowledge of how to use it is a must for this hike, as parts of the hike must be done at low tide. You will have to plan your hike in and hike out around your tide chart. On this hike there are fun and challenging rope assists to get you back up in the headland. After rounding Strawberry Point you will see Toleak Point and you will start finding choice camps tucked up in the trees. Make your way south until you are a little more than halfway between Strawberry Point and Toleak Point, about 7.5 miles from the car. This is where I think the best camp sites are located. By now you most likely will be having to close your gaping jaw as it hangs open over the beauty of Toleak Point and its strange array of rocks and sea stacks. You will see you can place yourself in the middle of Toleak Point and literally be surrounded by amazing scenery. This is as good as it gets! I would say you need a two-night minimum stay to photograph here to make your hiking effort pay off. Please remember, this is a true wilderness beach and for this hike you should understand a tide chart, bring and use it. This hike also requires a wilderness permit from Olympic National Park. Please contact them for details at 360.565.3100. RJH Randall's web site: www.randalljhodges.com/

Table of Contents

How I Fell in Love with Wildlife Photography
Capturing a Dream—the Galapagos
Return to the Falklands
Coastal Redwoods
Wild “Wild” Turkeys
Having Fun with Prairie Dogs
Geese, Cranes & Creativity at Bosque del Apache
The Gift of Resentment
Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Mountain Goats & More of Mount Evans
Deep Water Deep Snow
High Desert Mustangs
Backyard Photography by Accident
Answering the Door

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