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Fall/Winter 2016-2017
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Fall/Winter 2016-2017

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Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Table of Contents

Cover: Sunrise over Blackwater River, Davis, West Virginia, by Jay OBrien, Field Contributor. Nikon D7100 lens, Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8-4 lens, focal length 25mm, f/16 at 5 seconds, matrix metering mode, auto exposure mode, ISO 400.

Autumn in Grand Teton National Park
Wild about Bears
When Autumn Meets Winter—Photo Essay
Wintertime in Arches
Maplewood Mudflats
Winter Solitude
What If?
Yosemite—Beyond the Icons
Safari in Makalali
Glorious Raptors of Cape May
Winter in Yellowstone
Making Sense of Camouflage and Color
Autumn Wildlife Photography
On the Beach
An Indiana Wildlife Spectacle
UK Puffins & Gannets Galore
With a Glow-—Light’s Gentle Touch
Autumn Adventure—the Canadian Rockies
Drip Water for Birds
Landscape Photography—Through the Eyes of a Wildlife Photographer
Answering the Door

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