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Winter 2007/2008
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Winter 2007/2008

Price per Unit (piece): $18.00

Sandhill Cranes; Eye for the Storm; Beaks of the Shallows; Aim for Action; A Tale of the Reddish Egret; Silverback Mountain Gorillas; Penguins of the Falkland Islands; Extreme White; The Sea; Environmental Portraits; Showcase of Images; Porcupines; Of Time and Place—Part IV of IV; America’s Serengeti—Part III of III; From Backyard to Yosemite; Antarctica; The Enigma; Ducks in the Off-Season; Don’t Forget Shark Valley; Pawnee Buttes; An Artist Wanders; Honoring Dreams; Destination Botswana; Winter Birds in Alberta; Please Note: Part II Kenya will appear in the Spring 08 issue.

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