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Summer 2010

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Summer 2010

Cover: Glow tree, South Carolina, by William Jordan, IV, Field Contributor. Nikon D2Xs, Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 lens, focal length 45mm, f/11 at 2 seconds, pattern metering mode, ISO equivalent 100.

Before the day begins, the day begins. The soft, rosy glow appears just as the first light of the new day breaks to the east. The air is dead still, the temperature hovers well below freezing, not a sound in the world, not a ripple in the water. The reddish, orange, purple glow gradually intensifies forming a thin blanket across the horizon. Silhouetted against the fiery dawn a lone tree bends seriously southwest from the pounding of frequent northeastern gales. As the sky-on-fire builds, magic fills the air. This brief early morning show lasts for ten minutes, fifteen minutes, sometimes only five. I cannot say at any point in time this is it; this is the best I will see today. I only know it has peaked once the fiery brilliance begins to wane. Is it the same in my life? Do I only know I have reached the mountain peak as I begin down the other side?

With the sun climbing higher, the soft morning light gives way on this cloudless day to harsh shadows and a distinct blue colorcast. The best light for color photography won’t return till dusk. This sun-drenched day turns to dusk. Scattered clouds begin to fill the western horizon while the South Carolina low country gratefully accepts a golden kiss from the waning sun. As high tide graced our sunrise, it now returns to fill the marshland and reflect the amber sway of the tallest reeds.

The sun sinks slowly southwestward increasingly diminished by the gathering storm; however, just before dropping out of sight, it emits one final burst of light illuminating the sky. This day has begun and now has ended, just as we who have already begun will someday end. Will we leave behind a reflection which beautifies the earth or will we end before we end? WJ IV

William’s web site is www.darkness-to-light.com.

 Table of contents

8-10 Columbia Glacier Icebergs
 Benjamin Ponting

12-16 Andean Adventures—II of II
 Glenn Bartley  

18-20 Chasing the Storm of the Century
 Bob Lawson

22-25 Mount St. Helens Blast Zone
 Marylynne Diggs       

26-28 Photo Ops Along the Zambezi Valley
 Chuck Graham 

30  The Pool
 William Littlewood

32-35 Diving & More in Southeast Alaska
 Ann Beisser and Kandy Kendall

36-37  The Eight-Legged Wolf
 Larry Kimball and  Barbara Magnuson

38-42  Sulawesi’s Special Critters
 Christopher J. Crowley

44-49  Waterfalls of Oregon   
 Gregory A. Vinyard

50-57 Long, Heavy and Fast—The 600mm Lens
 Arthur Morris

58-70 Showcase of Images
 Field Contributors

84-87       Musing About the Creative Process
 Chris Aquino

94-95      On the Threshold
 Terry Lee Cookson, ND, MSOM, LAc
 Photography by Bérengère Yar

102-103   Nature’s Artistic Compositions—IV of IV   
 Joseph Cagliuso 

104-108   Striking Gold in Alaska
 Allan L. Leese and Lauren E. Leese


7   From Our Neck of the Woods
 by Helen Longest-Saccone
 Photography by Jerry Cahak

71   Friends of Nature Photographer
 Photography by John Keys

80-81    Subscription Form, Back Issue Form  and Web Site Information

82-83    The Other Side of Photography    
by Andy Long

88-93     Field Notes     
by John Gerlach and  Barbara Gerlach

96-101    Wild Brothers and Sisters
by Weldon Lee

109   Index of Advertisers
 Photography by Michael W. Collins

110-112  Field Contributors
 Photography by Steve Berardi

113  Loving Life by the Editors
 Photography by Steve Berardi

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