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Fall/ Winter 2010

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Fall/Winter 2010/2011—Smoky Mountains National Park Moments; The Ones that Got Away; Autumn in Portland Japanese Garden; Impressions of Nature; Life’s Essentials; North to Alaska; Eagle Creek Wilderness; Water & Color; Lynx Love; Along the River; The Little Fox that Could; Golden Splendor; Winter in Bosque; Self Publishing; Vireos in Texas; Sun Pillars, Sun Dogs, Sub-Suns & Light Pillars; The Sun in Winter; Grand Circle; The Galapagos; Mono Lake; Invasion of a Vole Snatcher; Trindad & Tabago; Snow Ghosts; The Snow Must Go On; Taking or Making Pictures

Cover: Winter view (January) of Turret Arch as viewed through the North Window in Arches National Park, Utah, by Robert Cable, Field Contributor. Nikon F5, Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 zoom, focal length 50mm, f/16, shutter speed not recorded, Fujichrome Velvia 50.

Editor’s Note: Robert’s choice of excellent depth of field (f/16) enabled him to have sharpness from the foreground North Window to the distant Turret Arch. Additionally, his choice of Fujichrome Velvia film gave him excellent color saturation in this image.

Table of contents

Fall Features

10-14 Smoky Mountains National Park Moments
        Chuck Wickham

16-18 The Ones that Got Away
        Julie Roggow
26-29 Autumn in Portland Japanese Garden
        Michel Hersen
34-35 Impressions of Nature
        Karen Evans
40-41 Life’s Essentials
        Terry Lee Cookson and Photography by Robert Cable
42-47 North to Alaska
        Robert A. Watson
48-49 Eagle Creek Wilderness
        Benjamin Ponting
50 Water & Color
        Sue Klockars
62-63 Lynx Love
        Richard Seeley
64-67 Along the River
        Dan Shepardson
130-133 The Little Fox that Could
        Chuck Graham
146-149 Golden Splendor
        Nicholas Roeder
Winter Features
20-24 Winter in Bosque
        Randall K. Roberts
30-32 Self Publishing
        Joseph K. Lange
36-38 Vireos in Texas
        Mike Williams
56-58 Sun Pillars, Sun Dogs, Sub-Suns & Light Pillars
        Roger M. Benoit
60-61 The Sun in Winter
        William Littlewood
68-75 Grand Circle
        Satish Menon
76-81 The Galapagos
        Arthur Morris
126-129 Mono Lake
        Jim L. Shoemaker
134-137 Invasion of a Vole Snatcher
        Robert E. Gantner
138-141 Trindad & Tabago
        Piero Fariselli
142-145 Snow Ghosts
        Hälle Flygare
150-156 The Snow Must Go On
        Peter Skov
7 From Our Neck of the Woods
        by Helen Longest-Saccone
        Photography by Craig Malburg
52-55 The Other Side of Photography
        by Andy Long
114 Friends of Nature Photographer
        Photography by Jon LeVasseur
124-125 Subscription Form
        Back Issue Form
157 Index of Advertisers
        Photography by Robert Servranckx
158-160 Field Contributors
        Photography by David Pugsley
161 Loving Life
        by the Editors
        Photography by Ursula Dubrick
 Please Note — these columns will return:
           “Field Notes” by John and Barbara Gerlach
           “Images of Nature” by Helen Longest-Saccone and Marty Saccone (in the Summer 2011 issue)
         “Wild Brothers and Sisters” by Weldon Lee

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