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Spring 2012

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Cover: Sunset, Shi-Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington, by Randall J. Hodges, Field Contributor. Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon L Series 24-105mm lens, focal length 40mm, Lee .6 hard graduated split neutral density filter, f/22 at 0.5 seconds, auto exposure mode, ISO equivalent 100, Slik Pro 330 DX tripod.

Living in Washington state there are many choices for spring hiking. From my home in Lake Stevens an adventure at Shi-Shi Beach requires a 40-minute drive, then a 30-minute ferry ride, and another 3-hour drive to the northwest tip of Washington to reach the trail head for Shi-Shi Beach. After a beautiful three-mile hike on the spring day I made this image, I dropped onto this amazing wilderness beach. I decided to hike another two miles south on the beach and set up my camp. After scouting around I found this beautiful stream rippling its way to the Pacific Ocean. As the sun began to set, using my 2-stop graduated split neutral density filter to balance the light between the sky and foreground, I chose a one-half second shutter speed to give the appearance of movement in the stream. RJH
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