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Summer 2014 PDF download
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Summer 2014 PDF download

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Nature Photographer Magazine—Summer 2014

**note** This is a downloadable PDF version of the Summer 2014 issue. It has the added features of clickable links, additional articles and images, and it's available immediately after purchase and download for viewing on computer or tablet device(wherever a PDF can be viewed). If using and iPad, live links can be unpredictable. The pdf can also be viewed in iBooks, or by using a pdf app for a tablet.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the PDF file where you can download the Summer 2014 issue. File size is aproximately 32 MB. If you do not receive an email with a link please check your email spam folder.

One Last Bridge to Cross
Italian Knights
The Search for the Gray Ghost
Summer in Yellowstone—A Photographer’s Dream
North to the Yukon and Back
Pursuing Subtle
Kangaroo Island
Local Wildlife in Northern California
Birds by Kayak
The Pure Background
Rivers Run Through It
Increase Depth of Field and Image Sharpness with Focus Stacking
Nature’s Granular Palette
Chobe National Park—A Botswana Treasure
Bird Island Runde—An Obligatory Target
When Visiting the Fjords of Norway
Winged Inscents in My Yard
My Backyard Techniques for a Winning Photograph
Answering the Door

Image Slide Show by Marty Saccone
Image Slide Show by Mary Ann Melton

Front Lupine and Indian paintbrush, Mount Saint Helens,
Cover Washington, by Jim L. Shoemaker, Field Contributor
Image by Michel Hersen, Field Contributor
Image by Craig Malburg, Field Contributor
Image by Gavin Emmons, Field Contributor
Images by Sam Fletcher, Field Contributor
Showcase of Images

Helen Longest-Saccone, Editor-in-Chief
Photography by Jon LeVasseur, Field Contributor

Horse Rescue—Wild and Domestic Horses
Field Contributor List
Index of Advertisers
Nature Photographer Magazine’s Web Site Information

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