The Valleys beyond Yosemite

© Jesse Mechling, Field Contributor

 A family reunion over Thanksgiving in Monterey, California presented a wonderful opportunity to finally visit and photograph one of the country’s most awe inspiring sites, Yosemite National Park. Loaded down with photo gear, my family and I flew out to San Francisco and after two days sightseeing, and a morning in the Muir Woods National Monument just north of San Francisco, we headed east toward the Sierra Nevada’s and Yosemite hoping for a autumn snowstorm to hold off long enough to get in and out of the park. 

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© Richard Mascola, Field Contributor
Many years ago, I discovered an area on the shores of Lake Superior on my way to the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness area.  Having never encountered another person here, I sort of clamed it as my spot. It is just a short walk, maybe a quarter of a mile down an incline to the shore. ....


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New Jersey, the Garden State – beauty on the brink

© Don Edwards, Field Contributor

New Jersey is a state of great diversity which is often overlooked for its amazing wildlife and nature areas.  The close proximity of mountains, swamps, lakes and seashore brings together a wide variety of wildlife and vistas.

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Shooting in the Rain

© William Jordan IV, Field Contributor
The alarm sounded at 5 am that Sunday morning. As I got up, I could hear the wind driving the rain against the motel room window. I opened the door to see the entire parking lot alive with dancing water drops. I thought to myself –– This is perfect!

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Cape Cod's Beautiful Light

Cape Cod's Beautiful Light
© Ronald A. Zincone
If you are a nature photographer or astrophotographer, as I am, and you really want to capture some nice magic hour “light” then Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is where you want to be.

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