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Each season is allocated to three months. Yet, like so much of life, the seasons have no clear line of delineation—summer blends into autumn, and autumn into winter, which blends into spring, and, likewise, spring into summer. And add to this—in the subtropics and tropics, the seasons are more clearly defined as the rainy or dry season. Of course, there are sunny days and those when the rain pours, plus snow, ice, and heat, depending upon the season and where you live. But each day is special—a “one and only”—offering joys and opportunities like none other; sometimes there’s disappointment and sadness.

Often photographic adventures are successful with incredible discoveries; at other times—oh, well. As nature photographers who spend a great deal of time outside, in all conditions and at various times of day and night, you know the joys of observing life as it unfolds before the viewfinder. Photographers know the excitement of seeing a single fleeting moment in this great world manifest itself on your computer monitor; or, if you still use film, on your light box.

As you venture into nature with a camera you have the unique opportunity to share an event that will never be duplicated in its entirety, a moment unlike any other. Wow! What a privilege and responsibility nature photographers are given.

Your images can be used for educational purposes for the young and old alike, and bring incredible beauty into people’s lives. Sharing images with school classes or at community events can bring awareness to others. Also, for a moment think about how your framed photographs, hanging on hallway walls in nursing homes and rehab facilities, could greatly enhance the lives of the elderly and those recovering from illnesses or surgery, as well as the professionals who care for those individuals. These are only a few examples.

Photographers possess the special gift of “seeing” and the ability to translate those “once in a lifetime” moments into a media that can be shared.

As you pursue your passion for nature photography we wish you all the best. We hope your photography and your “life” adventures bring you great joy. Thank you very much for reading Nature Photographer. May you have a superb summer and early autumn.

                                                                   Love, Helen



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