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Spring in our northern latitude is a time when life unfolds before your eyes. From winter’s brown-and-white scenery punctuated by the evergreens, the landscape morphs into the magnificent colors of spring and summer. Ferns delicately unfold into intricate and glorious beauty. Flowers and plants begin to dot the forest floor in our neck of the woods and, among those treasures, are lilies of the valley with their delicate scent.

Life springs from the earth and the world becomes alive. The quiet contemplative times of winter, and the crunch of snow under foot, are exchanged for warming days that beckon us outside to be part of the miracle of emerging life. Our resident snowshoe hare, who calls the woods on our property home, is seen more frequently. She is still partially clothed in her winter white coat.

When we are not at our computers working on the magazine, the warming weather entices us out of doors. The number of years Marty and I mark off the calendar has little effect on the youthful exuberance we experience each spring. I still have the urge to play in mud puddles like I did as a child. When I’m over at the barn and wearing my rubber boots, I choose to walk through the puddles rather than around them. Phyllis and I spend time in the yard. Marty is out and about with his camera; and Wish2 (our cow) is on pasture nearby.

We are greatly blessed to live in this corner of the United States of America where there is much wilderness, a gorgeous and rugged coastline, clean air, people who know and care about one another, quiet nights, and the first place the morning sun touches the U.S.A. Life is good and we are gratified by the warming days of spring.

We are deeply grateful for your readership. Thank you to the editors and field contributors who send us stunning images and informative articles. Additionally, we are appreciative to our advertisers. Thank you!

We wish you a superb spring and early summer. We hope you enjoy photographing, hiking, and all of your “life” adventures. May your days be filled with joy!

                                                                   With love, Helen



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