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Autumn, in our neck of the woods, is a glorious and colorful season. Winter is the quiet season—times of wood fires and snow. All four seasons are delightful. Each has unique aspects to enjoy—spring, the renewal of life; summer, long days and activity; autumn, stunningly beautiful color; winter, a white landscape and early nights.

One thing remains true for Marty and me in all four seasons. We both enjoy life best when we live in the moment.

Marty performs both administrative and creative tasks and is solely responsible for preparing images for the printing company. When not busy with magazine work, he ventures into nearby wilderness areas to seek out photo opportunities.

I, too, share in the administrative duties. I also work on the layout and design of the magazine issues. Plus I daily head to the pasture or farm to care for Wish2 (our cow), along with some of her herd mates.

So how do both our chosen work and pleasure activities enable us to live in the moment?

Marty becomes totally involved in whatever he’s doing. He is always focused laser-sharp on the task at hand.

I’m different. I can easily wander from activity to activity, but the two primary activities in my life—the magazine and our cow—demand that I be focused.

When I’m working on the layout and design of each issue of the magazine, I am more like Marty —laser-focused on the task. As I open submissions sent to us by Field Contributors and Editors, I feel like each of you has given the special gifts of your vision and experiences. Your work draws me in as I read articles and review your spectacularly beautiful images. You transport me to the place you photographed. Thank you.

It brings us joy when you call. It is always delightful to have a chance to talk with the people who read Nature Photographer and those of you who submit images and articles.

We wish you a superb late-autumn and winter. We hope you enjoy photographing, hiking, and all of your “life” adventures. May your days be filled with joy!

        Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019!


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