From Our Neck of the Woods

What is the view from your door?

Autumn, by Helen Longest-Saccone, Editor.
Sunrise, by Jane Bell, Field Contributor.

 Above left is the autumn view from our office door. On the right is a sunrise view from the barn door at Tide Mill Organic Farm. Jane Bell had arrived before dawn to check on a cow with a new calf and make sure all was well with the other bovines. As she stepped out the barn door, this beautiful sunrise greeted her.

  Each day­ we have a choice—we can choose to see life’s beauty—or, in the words of a long ago friend, we can choose to “eat worms”. Which would you rather do?

All four seasons can work magic in our hearts and provide photo opportunities. Every day is a blessing—autumn with its radiant color, winter with snow up north and lush green down south, spring bringing forth new life, summer landscapes decorated with flowers and much wildlife activity. Nature is a blessing in life.

And so are you to us. We are deeply grateful for your support of this magazine, your contributions, and the friendships that have grown over the years. You bring sunshine into our lives. However, when  life turns cloudy, I try to remember to avoid those “worms”.

   We hope you relish the adventures in your life, whether near your home or in distance places, and enjoy each “glimpse” into creation. As nature lovers and photographers, we are greatly blessed to be able to soak up God’s gifts of peace and beauty.

  Thank you for reading Nature Photographer and supporting us.

  We wish you the best with your photography and your “life” adventures. And, we hope your Christmas was filled with love and joy. All the best wishes for 2022.

With love and gratitude. 
Wishing you joy and peace, 



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