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This page has less pictures than in past issues. Our precious dog companion Phyllis died on July 23, 2020. She has left a hole in our hearts far greater than there are words to express. But, at the same time she has left our hearts filled with a joy that also cannot be expressed in words. Phyllis was always with us. And, I do mean always. From the day she was given to us by our friend, we pledged to her that she would never be left alone. And gratefully we were able to fulfill that promise. If she could not go someplace we were going, one of us stayed home with her.

Some years ago when we frequently traveled to mid-coast Maine, Phyllis dined in restaurants with us. She once tried to go into a grocery store with me, but we both were asked to leave. Opps! She looked at me with those big brown wise eyes and seemed to be saying silently, “Doesn’t the manager know that I have eaten in restaurants and that I have good manners.” That was our Phyllis.

During her last months on earth she required much more care—some days 24 hours. So, that is a major reason why this issue is arriving a month late. Before she passed she asked me to apologize. While Marty and I are sad to be late with this issue, we would not have traded that special time with Phyllis for gold or silver or anything on earth. She was brave and valiant even though failing in health and we gave her our all, just like she had given us her all for the 16 years of her 19-year-old life that she had lived with us. Phyllis greatly enhanced our lives.

We are grateful that during this time when our home feels so empty that we are being kept busy finalizing the production of this issue. Thank you for your readership and for enabling us to publish this magazine.

We enjoy your phone calls. In a time when sending texts has become the norm, I still love to speak to people on the phone. In fact, I seldom text.

As you travel “your” world, whether it be near your home or far away, we hope you relish each adventure and enjoy each “peek” into the lives of all of creation.

We wish you much joy with your photography and your “life” adventures. May each of your days be rewarding and filled with love! Thank you for reading Nature Photographer.



 "God, we seek Your comfort, healing and Your "Saving Grace". In Jesus holy name we pray, Amen"

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