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"You would think that age would bring degradation, not beauty. The Spring issue of a mature NP proves the contrary. My, oh my.  Have just gotten it from the mailbox and so have just had a chance to glance. But it made me so excited that I wanted to write you anyway. Looking forward especially to read the article on fawns. We photographed them late in the last summer season at Big Meadows and immediately made reservations for this June at Big Meadows lodge—good thing too, because you have to book the prior summer. We should have little spotted fawns in sight in June.  Also, of course, reading Artie's article. "
Bob Feldman

"I am a new subscriber to Nature Photographer and hope to never stop receiving it.  The magazine is great and I enjoy the way you mix quotations in with the photos."
Bob Rutan

"I just received your Spring 2010 publication; what a terrific issue. It truly shows your caring for our beautiful natural world."
Richard P. Weiblinger

"I just bought my first copy of your magazine. I come from a famiy of professional portrait photographers. The work you show is breath-taking and I am in awe of the work people do. Thank you for sharing both the photos and their stories. Photographers are a special breed, they see the beauty in the world and share it with others. Thank you."

David Cooper

"I wanted to say that one of the most outstanding features of your magazine, aside from the stunning photography, is the personal element in many of the articles. I appreciate the freedom to express that you grant to your various writers. Your magazine reveals the heart and how nature moves people, as it should. It is truly a joy to read."

Eileen Gregory Selby

“Nature Photographer magazine is a bit of fresh air coming in my mailbox.”

John Conrad

"This is my favorite photography magazine. I only subscribe to one other photography magazine, but yours is my favorite mainly because of the poetry (sayings) along with the photos as well as the technical, location, and other information attached with the photographs."

Jo Ann R. Fields


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