Quamash - Ray G. Foster
© Ray G. Foster
Native Americans called the flower Quamash. Some people called the flower Indian Hyacinth or Indigo Squill; but most people have adopted the name Camas, which was derived from the genus and species name Camassia Quamash. I just called it—that cool looking purple flower.

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Peace in Pipestone

Peace in Pipestone - Margaret Springett and Cheryl Hann
© Cheryl Hann
A Sioux legend tells of a woman who brought them the red stone pipe and taught them to smoke the pipe in the name of peace. The pipe was sacred and still is the center of Sioux spirituality. Pipestone National Monument, a “living monument,” was created to protect the quarries where the indigenous people still mine the red stone to make their sacred pipes.

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Cape St. Mary’s, Newfoundland

Cape St. Mary’s Newfoundland, Bird Photography Off the Beaten Path - Robert Nessler
© Robert Nessler
We can barely hear each other over the cacophony of screeching seabirds as we carry our field equipment along the precipice of a towering sandstone cliff, hundreds of feet above the pounding surge of the frigid North Atlantic. Several days of severe weather has destroyed countless nests, and today’s sun-filled sky, which would normally be placid in mid-July is instead filled with thousands of airborne seabirds, busily rebuilding what they have lost.

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The Seasons of Yosemite, A Photographer’s Guide

The Seasons of Yosemite, A Photographer’s Guide - Yvonne Buff
© Yvonne Buff
National Park located in central California, to me, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Yosemite National Park changes with every visit and I seem to discover something new to capture on film. Each season depicts the wondrous formations and waterfalls in completely different ways.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 09 September 2009 13:20)

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Walking in Perinet

Walking in Perinet - Piero Fariselli
© Piero Fariselli
Since I was a child, have been always longed for visiting Madagascar. I got this “fatal attraction” because in my father’s encyclopedia there were stunning pictures of marvelous frogs, chameleons and lizards from Madagascar.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 09 September 2009 13:10)

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