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Fall/Winter- 2017/2018
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Fall/Winter- 2017/2018

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Cover: Sunrise and the Old Patriarch Tree (limber pine), about one-quarter mile south of the North Jenny Lake Junction, with the Teton Range in the background, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, by Bill S. Petrunich, Field Contributor. Nikon D700, Nikkor 20-35mm F2.8 D AF wide-angle zoom lens, focal length 35mm, f/20 at 1/2 second, spot metering mode, manual exposure mode, ISO 250, Singh-Ray Warming Circular Polarizing filter, Gitzo GT2531 tripod, BH-40 Really Right Stuff ballhead, Nikon Cable Release MC-36.

Fall/Winter 2017 Table of Contents

Table of Contents

My Month with the Owlet

When Life Rains, The Sun Shines

Full Tide Fever

Wenatchee National Forest

Sweet Melancholy

Winter­ —Mini Photo Essay

Ice Beach

Our Connection with Trees

Advanced Exposure Technique for Wildlife


Lines, Shapes, Textures­Death Valley NP

The Polar Bears of Svalbard

Going to Extremes—Bird Photography in the Corners of India

Winter Robin

Wild Wolves in Winter Photo Essay

Off the Beaten Path

Autumn in Lake County

Coyotes—Yosemite NP

Answering the Door

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